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Speech is a powerful tool that can be used to persuade, defend, communicate, manipulate, and more. Either the words being spoken, the tone and enthusiasm that they're spoken with, or both can be used to intrigue listeners. Politicians often use strategies to gain support of those who won't necessarily agree with the actual words being spoken. Poets, on the other hand, may convince readers without spoken word and simply through the elegance of their writing. Slam poetry, however, is arguably the most influential form of speech. When talented speakers convey powerful language, they seem to create the most impact. This blog will explore the influences of speeches in shaping history; specifically, the significance of poetry in bringing about change.

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What characteristics do persuasive speakers have? How has speech influence the course of history? How do politicians use speech to convey ideas and gain support? How has poetry been used to bring about change? Is speech a more powerful weapon than those that kill?

Sunday, November 16, 2014


  In the United States it's common to hear about feminism and campaigns for gender equality. Unequal pay has been an issue in the U.S. for many years. Many women and men are now rising up and speaking out against this problem. So in America, discrimination based on one's sex still exists, but not nearly as prominently as it does in other nations.  Malala, a 17 year old Pakistani girl and women's rights advocate, changed what we knew about inequality. By advocating through writing and speeches, Malala made citizens of the U.S. aware of the many girls in the Middle East who don't have the opportunity to be educated. Malala is now a figure known world wide as a girl who stood up for her right to be educated. The power this girl has is in her speeches and publications. If she had chosen to stand down after being shot by the Taliban, the world may have never known her story. Speech is very powerful. It's so powerful that it almost got Malala killed. Now that she has spoken out, the issue of women's education is being fully addressed. Sometimes the most important part of creating change, is making the cause known through written or spoken word.

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Malala's UN Speech

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