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Speech is a powerful tool that can be used to persuade, defend, communicate, manipulate, and more. Either the words being spoken, the tone and enthusiasm that they're spoken with, or both can be used to intrigue listeners. Politicians often use strategies to gain support of those who won't necessarily agree with the actual words being spoken. Poets, on the other hand, may convince readers without spoken word and simply through the elegance of their writing. Slam poetry, however, is arguably the most influential form of speech. When talented speakers convey powerful language, they seem to create the most impact. This blog will explore the influences of speeches in shaping history; specifically, the significance of poetry in bringing about change.

Questions being discussed in this blog...
What characteristics do persuasive speakers have? How has speech influence the course of history? How do politicians use speech to convey ideas and gain support? How has poetry been used to bring about change? Is speech a more powerful weapon than those that kill?

Personal Learning Network/ Resources

Poetry and Politics Collide

This blog is all about poetry, politics, and what happens when they meet. Its a great resource explaining a current significance of poetry in the US.

Protest Poems in the U.S

This is a great website with the goal of teaching children to speak out and advocate. This site includes bios of famous protest poets and their works, giving the reader a good idea of common protest topics in the United States today and throughout history.

Chinese Protest Poetry

This website is solely about poetry in China and the influence it's had throughout Chinese history. This site provides information about this topic from the perspective of another country/ culture.

Famous Political Poetry

This website gives many examples of famous poems and poets, advocating for change around political and social issues. 

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